Online and Mobile Banking Updates

System Maintenance Schedule: Maintenance is performed on Wednesdays and Sundays between 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM Hawaii Time. Online and Mobile Banking may be unavailable intermittently during this time. Please arrange to submit transactions before or after this scheduled maintenance. Thank you for your understanding.

Safe Online Banking brochure (PDF) provides simple tips to protect your assets and identity, information on cyber-frauds, tools and resources available for victims.

4/17/2017: Online Banking Browser and Operating Systems Update

To ensure your online banking service is supported by the highest level of privacy and data integrity and avoid unnecessary service interruptions, please update your internet browser and/or operating systems to the following:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft IE Desktop and mobile version 11
  • Microsoft IE Desktop versions 9 and 10
  • Firefox 27 and higher
  • Google Chrome 38 and higher.
  • Mobile Safari versions 5 and higher
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1 and 10
3/19/2017: Three New Features in TSB Mobile App

  • iPhone Users: For your convenience and extra security, you can use the iPhone Touch ID feature to login to TSB Mobile Banking.

    To use this feature: Login to Mobile Banking, then select More from the Menu. Then select Touch ID to turn on the feature.

  • Checking Account Transactions:
    Now you can view images of checks that posted to your checking account and images of the deposit slip for branch and mobile deposit transactions.

  • Loan Account Information: In addition to your balance and transaction activity, the App also displays your Next Payment Due Date and the Minimum Payment Due.
2/8/2017: Two New Features for TSB Mobile Banking App

  • Did you ever have to check email or use your calculator App to complete your Mobile Banking tasks? Now with Multi-Tasking, you can get out of the App for 60 seconds, then return to the App without having to log on again. If you do not return to the App within 60 seconds, Mobile Banking will automatically log off to maintain security.

  • Password vault tools or Apps are great because they create unique, complex passwords for all your logins. Now, you have the convenience of pasting your password from your Password Vault to the Mobile Banking log on screen.

To take advantage of these new features, please update your TSB Mobile Banking App to version 8.
8/10/2016: New Feature in TSB Mobile Banking – Instant Balance

Instant Balance allows you to view our account(s) balance without logging in! Perfect, when you just need to view your checking account balance immediately.

  • For security purposes, sensitive account information is not displayed or transmitted to your phone.
  • Just click on the Instant Balance icon on the login screen.
    Instant Balance

    Instant Balance icon

    To use this feature:
  • Download the latest version of TSB Mobile Banking for Phone from your App store.
  • Login and click on the Instant Balance icon. Follow the screen instructions to register for this service and the accounts you want to view.
  • You can change your settings at any time by going to “More” on the menu bar, then select Instant Balance Settings.